"Say Hi To Dad For Me"

Written by :  LT Bobby Ross and Jeff Evans

Copyright:  2012
Published by:  Echo Summit Music

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LT Bobby Ross


This song is dedicated to two brave soldiers who gave their all, and represent them all:

SSG Norman F. Evans March 06, 1947 to November 24, 1970

SGT David L. Evans August 15, 1969 to August 5, 2011
1st Squadron, 82nd Cavalry Regiment, 41st Infantry, Bravo Company, Oregon Army National Guard  Iraq

Co-Writer Jeff and his brother Dave

Verse 1

Dad was killed in Vietnam, another needless war
A brave GI soldier, young and hardcore
My Brother served in Iraq,  suffered wounds no one cured
Scarred by memories, from the horrors he endured
His life fell away, ripe fruit from the tree,
At his grave I whispered, Say Hi To Dad For Me 

Chorus 1

Say Hi To Dad For Me, talk about us kids
Good Times, growing up, and everything we did
Share all our stories, shake the whole family tree
Do me one favor, Say Hi To Dad For Me. 

Verse 2

Mom was our protector,  baking us our bread
She made our home safe, and put sheets on our bed
She thought the hard work put the lump in her breast....
It was cancer causing the pain in her chest
Her breathless soul flew like a bird from the tree
At her grave I whispered,  Say Hi To Dad For Me

Chosus 2

Say Hi To Dad For Me, Talk about us kids
Special Times, family, and everything we did
Our stories are leaves on the family tree
Do me one favor, Say Hi To Dad For Me 

Verse 3

My best friend married me and we raised our girl and boy
They grew up and had families of their own to enjoy
A call about my daughter rang my cell phone one night
A trembling paramedic’s voice trying to be polite
She spoke her last words where her car hit that tree..
She whispered please, Say Hi To Dad For Me 


…she said…
I’m sorry it ends up like this
Grandpa and mom,
And now me
We'll be together now, roots for the tree 

Chorus 3

Say Hi To Dad For Me,  send him my love
I'm leaving this tree on the wings of a dove
My spirit will stay but my soul will be free
Do me one favor, Say Hi To Dad For Me


Do me one favor, Say Hi To Dad For Me