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The Fisherman Album

New Recordings

Congratulations!  You are one of the first invited to hear LT's brand new recordings of two songs from his "The Fisherman Album";  The Fisherman and Sam Jones General Store.


LT bobby Ross. 

Play: The Fisherman

The Fisherman
by LT Bobby Ross & George Jeffrey

Verse 1:
His life centers 'round a rod and a reel
And stayin' in touch with the land
He wades out into the American River
This game pits the fish against man
Hours on end he makes the fly dance
But the trout just aren't hungry today
So he packs up his gear, there's always tomorrow
And the old pickup truck pulls away

Chorus 1:
But The Fisherman's days grow shorter in number
Still he drains every ounce out of life
If you should ask him ...."would he change a thing?"
He'd smile then he'd ask you "Why?"
You see the love of his life has been gone for some years
And the trout is now his only friend
So when he catches one, he gives it a kiss
And puts it back in the river again

Verse 2:
He's up with the dawn and off to the river
The fish know he'll be there on time
He's tied a new fly and he can't wait to try it
And he's hit the first flick of the line
One after the other the fish take the fly
Now he knows that his time is near
'Cause he's never kept count
Of all that he's caught
But today could equal a year
The Fisherman's tired
It's time to go home
And rest his weary old head
In slumber he dreams of the American River
And by morning The Fisherman is dead

Chorus: 2
The California sky and the American River
Lack some of their luster today
And if you listen close you can hear the fish cry
For the old man who just passed away
Now he's holdin' hands with the love of his life
And the trout have lost a true friend
So if you catch one, just give it a kiss
And put it back in the river again

Play: Sam Jones General Store

Sam Jones General Store
by LT Bobby Ross & George Jeffrey

Chorus 1:
Oh, the general store was really neat
Had pickled eggs and pickled pigs feet
Mail Pouch sign on the old screen door
At Sam Jones General Store
Sam Jones General Store

Verse 1:
Lived twenty mile out and up Goose Creek Road
Where the deer run wild and the tall trees grow
Raised taters and corn, ran an old trot line
My childhood days were fine
And a mile or so past Wilson's Bend
Was the general store where you'd see old friends
Cold RC, ice cream and more
At Sam Jones General Store

Chorus 2: (REPEAT)
My grandpa played a mean fiddle you see
I played guitar and sang "I-EEE"
Played 'til my fingers couldn't move no more
On the porch at the general store
Now all these years have come and gone
And I haven't been back in oh so long
One day I know I'll play once more
At Sam Jones General Store

Chorus 3 & 4: (REPEAT)

LT Bobby Ross



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