The Story of I Don't Feel That Way Anymore

This is more of a poem than a song. Or, maybe a story? Of course, due to Mike Stidolph's incredible talents, it is a piece of music with incredible tones, modulations, instrumentation and, of course, the way he produced my vocals. This tune was the last one I recorded on this project. And a long undertaking it was. Many of these songs in this album were written long before I moved to Nashville in 1986. Many of the stories in these lyrics go back to a very young boy, born to a war hero of World War II and a simple, beautiful "American Love Machine", strapped to the "Baby Boomer" handle and living in the most prosperous era in American history.
Listening to this song as I write these words, I have to admit, a lump comes up in my throat. 66 years. And here's my story. Starting out when I was 18. Fresh out of high school, and a volunteer in Uncle Sam's Army, I became a man. And, as such, I needed an "All American Love Machine" for myself, so shortly before I volunteered to serve in the War in Vietnam, I married. Soon, after the war, and due to many circumstances beyond my control, 'she grew restless and walked out the door'...
So, I locked myself up in the "Hoosegow of Rock 'n' Roll", and as I toured the country playing my music, there was nary a fishing hole I didn't stop at and flip my line into in hopes of hooking a fat catfish, or a sleek trout, or even a thin Bluegill. I couldn't get enough of any of them, or all of them. Fishing has always been a way to find my 'true peace of mind' and this is why I decided to produce this album.
When I turned 30, I grew out of my extended childhood, and decided to get an education. A formal education. I auditioned and passed the entrance test at San Francisco State University, and got my music degree from its world famous Music Department singing opera. I have never been to an opera. And then I was off to Nashville to make my fame and fortune. I did both. And you know what? It wasn't enough. So, I picked up an Apple computer, and I started networking. I actually did try to save the world doing so, and at one moment, they said my Veteran Network was one of the largest top ten in the world on the Internet. But, the world did not change. I did.
Napster's first downloading of 'free' music on the Internet was the 'last straw' to my music dreams in Music City, so I packed up my gear, and headed back home. And, here I am. On my little farm here in Northern California, not a rock's throw from where I was born. And the fishing is great here. All kinds of fishing. All in my own back yard. And, you know what, it's not a bore?
In many of my long 'story sessions' with George Jeffrey in Nashville, he pieced them together to write this song.  By doing so, he not only told my story, but he told 'our' story.  Many of we Baby Boomers can relate to this tune.  And that brings us to the wonderful video and slideshow attached to this song.  My web designer, Daniel Schave, has been with me since we served together in the War in Vietnam.  We have been working on this web site for too many years to count.  Day in and day out we make it more of an Interactive Adventure for our fans who visit.
Dan turned the corner in this one.  He stepped out of being just our web designer to being a true American Artist.  I do hope you will watch his new video of this tune.  It is stunning.  Absolutely wonderful.  He's taken the YouTube art form to another level here.  Please do yourself a favor and watch it.
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