Wings Against The Moonlight

by LT Bobby Ross
1st Verse
I'm just a Soldier on a transport flight,
heading back to the war tonight,
left you standing at the Airport gate.
Wondering if I'll ever see you again,
never knowing what's around the bend.
Hoping you make it through the wait.
Wings Against the Moonlight,
taking you away from my arms.
Heartaches on a one way ticket flight,
if I had only stayed for one more day,
I would surely make you my wife.
2nd Verse
When I get back to the daily grind,
18 months of doing time,
fighting everyday to stay alive,
Knowing you're always in my thoughts,
anticipating the next mail drop,
and praying it's not another 'Dear John'
Repeat Chorus
Reflections against the window,
wide wings, silhouette the moon.
Repeat Chorus