Midnight Friend

by LT Bobby Ross
1st verse
The Telephone rings in the middle of the night
somewhere in Korea, its R and R time
A lonely soldier waits as he answers the call
It's just what he needs, all the plans are made.
He's headed out the door, to try and dull the pain.
Alcohol, and cigarettes, and maybe something more
And with luck maybe he will find a certain someone.
Who would maybe spend some time, with anyone, this lonely
She's his midnight lover, she's his Midnight Friend,
and though he knows he may never, ever, get to see her again.
She's his lovely lady, and she reminds him of home.
She's the one who makes him feel...like he's... he's not alone.
He's not alone.
2nd Verse
He just found out, he'll be on the move,
to another place where war is coming soon.
How will he face it, never seeing her again.
He hopes for the best, but he knows in his heart,
that business is business, and it wouldn't be so smart.
To think of trying, to take her with him.
But tonight they won't think, of tomorrow,
it only matters that they drown in their sorrow...
Repeat Chorus