Prayer For A Soldier

by LT Bobby Ross
1st verse
Sometimes it's hard to be a father. In these days and times.
Never really knowing what the future might bring.
And as we say our goodbyes. I know it's hard for me not to cry.
I can only hope that God will hear my plea.
Please keep him strong, with each passing day.
Cause you know he's never really been away,
From his family that loves him, and misses him so.
And we'll never forget the day that he left,
And we'll wait until the day that its true.
When you come home , son, come home safe, come home soon.
2nd verse
and when you're gone and you get lonely. In some foreign land.
And maybe start to think that no one really cares.
Remember that we here at home,
will do all that we can,
and start every day with this prayer.
Chorus-tag out