California Again

I moved back home in Northern California at the end of 2004. I put 25 years into my Nashville career, and though they say one can not come home, I did. I now live on my beautiful farm way out in the boonies away from civilization between Elk Grove and Wilton, California. I retired from the music business in Nashville where I was a well known country artist/songwriter producer. If you contact me, I will give you some data and you can go to your favorite search engine and find out all about me, my music, my writing and my art. Actually, all you have to do is put "LT Bobby Ross" in your search browser, and you'll see all kinds of sites on me.
I live surrounded by about 1000 of my 'critters' at my farm, and I'm also constantly enjoying going places and staying in nice hotels. I'm eccentric. I spent a good portion of my life on America's roads as a "Road Dog Musician" so today I carry on that tradition and like to stay at different places and enjoy the good things life has to offer. From my farm I can see the Sierra Nevada Mountains I used to climb when I was a kid on the Eastern horizon, and watch the sun peek over for the first bit of light for the day. I work hard physically. It keeps me in good health. I go to my gym every day and take in the hot tub, sauna and steam room. And, I spend many hours a day networking on the Internet. Life is uncomplicated for me now. I no longer have to worry about my next meal, I don't owe a red cent to any other human being or institution, and I have found a true sense of peace of mind. Many talk about it. Many spend countless amounts of money seeking it, but I am at peace. I have my health! I am sane. And I have a vast amount of wisdom to pass on to whomever I meet on the back roads of life. I look so forward to my Golden Years.
I am also a world class chef, and I like eating in good restaurants. I was born into the cooking business. My dad had a honky-tonk road house at South Lake Tahoe where I was raised. When I was 8 years old, he had me working in his kitchen washing dishes. I had to stand on an egg crate to get my arms into the sink. By the time I graduated from South Tahoe High School in June, 1965, I was managing the "Rough & Ready Bar" and his "Round The World Restaurant". And he sent me to France that summer to study more about being a chef.
I was one of the original Flower Children in the early 1960s in San Francisco, but I was also a 1st Lieutenant in the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam. Some have stated that I am a true Renaissance Man of the 20th Century! (Of course, we are now in the 21st Century!) My life, now, is very simple. I get up at @ 5AM, play with my kittens and kitty, check out the incubator for last night's hatches, and then head to my office to get back at my networking on the Internet.
So, that in a nut shell is a short explanation of 'ME'. On this site are so many fun pages for you to enjoy. I'm proud of the music I have created in my career, and do hope you enjoy listening and reading the lyrics and stories about each song. I'm also extremely proud to be the 'Poster Child" for Pandora Internet Radio. ( I encourage you to log into Pandora and check me out. It is a fun experience.
This is an interactive web site. You can participate. There's a Guest Book and my email addy is spread out all over the place. So, feel free to join in and most importantly, chill and have a good time. If you really like what you are doing here, please feel free to join my LRRP Net so I can include you in my newsletters and LRRP Sit-Reps. You can join right here: LT's Newsletters

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