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By simply filling in the three blocks in the form with your first name, last name and email address then scroll down to click on SUBMIT, you are establishing yourself as an Official Member of my LRRP Network.
This is one of the oldest networks on the Internet with over 30 years of service. You will receive many wonderful benefits by officially signing up, one of which is to be showing your support for my Term Limits Campaign on all members of our Congress, the House and Senate. This is not an online petition. It merely associates you with other loyal Americans who believe Term Limits would help 'fix' our Democracy. You will receive my monthly newsletter, and various other mailings a few times a month of me sharing with you my LRRP Art. No pressure here, and you will never be asked to send any money or contributions. This is the purest form of "Free Flow Of Info" on the Net, so please do join me and so many others in my LRRP Network.


LT Bobby Ross