Music Career

He has lived an incredible life. He was an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts and had his own Troop at Lake Tahoe. He learned to be a gourmet chef and has studied in France, and has worked as a chef in some of the best restaurants in Nashville, including the Bluebird Cafe. He is an expert marksman and can still make a bullseye see red. He has caught a trophy salmon and sailfish on light tackle, still holds a record in Colorado for taking a trophy bull elk, deer and antelope in one season with his bow and arrow, and is an avid hiker. He has been a traveling minstrel touring most of the USA and four other continents. He has been a director of a public company that was listed on the stock exchange, and he has been successful in business. Once he was even a Wall Street maverick when he hired about a dozen attorneys to launch a major proxy fight and learned that doing corporate business can get you ruined! He has been a Pacific commercial fisherman for albacore and salmon. In his early 30's he became a college student and graduated from San Francisco State University's music department with a degree in singing opera. He was a sport fishing guide when he met Gordon Mills and struck up that friendship that eventually led to him moving to Nashville.
Tennessee folks really love their veterans. There was no draft card burning in the Volunteer State. So, Bobby got nick-named "Music Row's Real Rambo" by Robert K. Oreman, the noted music critic, after he unveiled his rare music interpretations of his one of a kind "Veteran Art". Veterans and active duty military personnel all over the world have come to realize LT Bobby Ross sings for them. They are his heroes. LT Bobby Ross is innovative. He designed one of the first internet web sites in country music, and has developed a network of Veterans and active duty military known the world over in cyberspace as his LRRP Network. If you ever enter Nashville's Bluebird Cafe, where many of today's best country songwriters and performers saw their first start, you can find a picture of LT Bobby Ross hanging on the wall. Amy Kurland, owner of the Bluebird Cafe, hired him years ago to assist her in managing the club and to continue her philosophy of helping gifted singers and songwriters pursue their dreams. Bobby considers himself an "underground" artist in today's "New Country" movement. His music about America's veterans has hit the top of the country charts. He believes country music is the heart and soul of America's culture, but he isn't afraid to explore the new progressive sounds. His fans span the globe and he has worked with a wide array of artists from the Grateful Dead to Vince Gill. Unlike so many of today's artists, he doesn't seek the bright lights of fame and fortune, but takes comfort to reside year-round on a beautiful farm in Northern California. Whether he is singing his own music or helping a new artist spread his, one thing is for certain, he truly lives out what he believes and writes about in his music.
He has had the privilege to perform his music live at many special places, from the dedication of the Canadian Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Windsor, Canada, to "The Wall" in Washington, DC. He was there in Berkeley years back when they opened the Berkeley Vietnam Veterans Museum right in the town square where the protest movement began, and comforted the families of those soldiers from Berkeley who lost their lives in Vietnam. He has opened Willie Nelson's FARM AID with a platoon of 58 Veterans from around the country in formation launching "Operation Pitch Fork" where American Veterans have pledged their support for America's small, family farmers. And though his music has been heard around the world, he maintains a low profile and enjoys helping younger artists fulfill their dreams. A recognized music producer and songwriter, he is constantly working with new talents, mingling with the vintage expertise, helping the veterans in his community and around the globe.

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