Military Career

In Basic Training at the Army base at Fort Ord, California, he passed all their written tests because he basically cheated, filling out all those dumb test forms like they were Keno tickets. (Remember Lake Tahoe borders the gambling state of Nevada where he was raised.) They kept him too tired from KP to think, and plus, he wasn't that great of a thinker anyhow because he was more interested in playing his guitar. He was lucky, however. His test scores came back qualifying him to be everything from a brain surgeon to an astronaut! That's the Army! They said he qualified for the OCS test, too. He said, "What's OCS?" They said, "If you pass this one, you won't never have to do no more KP again!" Bobby said, "That's for me!" He cheated on that one, too, and passed with one of the highest scores the Army ever recorded. All that learning he got in those gambling casinos at Tahoe paid off. Though he never won a Keno ticket, he won big in the Army. Made some pretty good money in those barracks poker games, too.
After Basic, he was shipped to Ft. Knox, Kentucky, for Armor training. After graduating from tank AIT, he entered OCS at the age of 18. He made it through the grueling OCS, but not by cheating! That was real tough duty. Pogy Bait was the best part! Then it was off to Fort Carson, Colorado, where he took charge of his own M-60A1 tank platoon in the 5th Mechanized Infantry Division. After a year, they shipped him off to Jungle School in Panama and then to the war in Vietnam. He was stationed in the 2/17th CAV with the 101st Airborne Division. That was during the TET Offensive in 1968. Really rough stuff. He started out commanding the Air-O-Rifle Platoon with 47 men, then 3 weeks later there were only 5 of them left standing.
His colonel then sent him to Green Berets Recondo School in Nha Trang, and he became a LRRP. (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols) Did a lot of strange stuff in Vietnam. He came home with a chest full of medals and such, but like so many, he was met with impudence and acrimony from his fellow citizens in the Bay Area of California. He was also pretty messed up, physically, with PTSD, Agent Orange poisoning, intestine trouble, and a very bad attitude. He was 21 years old when he got his honorable discharge from the Army, with a rank of 1st Lieutenant.

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