Gordon Mills

The late Gordon Mills was an old fishing partner of his, back when Bobby was a commercial crawdad fisherman on the California Delta in Northern California. Gordon discovered Bobby way out in that wilderness, as he had the likes of Tom Jones. Mr. Mills was one of the greatest music producers in the world. Bobby was his protege. He prepared him for Nashville. Gordon had been an officer in the English Army, stationed in Burma. He also fought communism. Gordon and Bobby had a peculiar relationship. Once, when Bobby and Gordon were at a "end of the world tour" party for Tom Jones at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas, they had a knock-down-drag-out argument about ambush tactics in Southeast Asia. The whole party hushed as Gordon and Bobby conducted a yelling and hollering contest about who had the better tactics, the English or the Americans. Bobby kept concluding his portion of the dispute with a genteel reminder that if the English knew "anything" about ambush tactics, America would be flying the Union Jack instead of the Stars and Stripes! This especially agitated Gordon because Bobby ambushed that most sacred of English virtues: pride! In truth, Bobby and Gordon were entertainers. They were the best of friends. They just liked making folks uncomfortable around them. It was an act!

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