DO SOMETHING, Lieutenant. Right or wrong, do something!
He learned this lesson at a young age when he was an officer candidate in OCS (Officer Candidate School) at Forty Knox, Kentucky in 1966 and 1967. It probably sums him up better than any other factor. "Do something!" In Vietnam he sure did that! But, that was long ago. Five decades ago!
LT Bobby Ross' first record hit the airwaves shortly after he returned from the War in Vietnam and a legend in American folklore began. That song was titled: "The Ballad of Ira Hayes". A country ballad about a "brave young Indian boy" who fought to the top of a mountain on a small Pacific Island, infamously known to American Marines as Iwo Jima, only to return home to America with the Black Snake coiled within his soul. (PTSD)
LT Bobby Ross sings about American Veterans. In the late 1960's there were troubling times in an era America can not be too proud of, considering how she treated her Vietnam Veterans. Yet, LT Bobby Ross was out there in Berkeley, San Francisco, Atlanta, New York, Denver, Seattle, El Paso, in Veteran hospitals, singing about his heroes, to his wounded champions: America's Warriors. His music inspires, encourages, and most importantly: heals. Now, some 4+ decades later, he still sings for all Veterans, now from The War on Terror.
He has led an exciting and productive life, but can he fathom his achievement? He was on 19 when he was old enough to join the Army in 1966? And then he journeyed to Vietnam? Why did he live through that war? It's a miracle. Many of his friends in Music City know he has been successful, right in the heart of Music Row. LT Bobby Ross lived there for nearly 25 years, the only Country Music recording artist who did so. He taught many people in the music business there how to survive and prosper. His home overlooked most all of Music City's music industry, with his Webb Pierce guitar shaped swimming pool and Owen Bradley's Park out his window, he was Music Row's caretaker. He watched Music Row grow up and around his swimming hole and his garden. This was his world! The fulfillment of a promise he made to all those unsung heroes who lost their lives under his command in a far away place. He pledged that he would live his life to the fullest. This word of honor has not been broken. A hollowed place was his on Music Row.

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