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I'll Go To The Wall

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The WALL, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, was dedicated on the Washington Mall on November 13, 1982. Designed by a Yale architecture student Maya Ying Lin, the V-shaped structure set against a knoll with a slight slope near the Lincoln Memorial is now the most visited shrine. This is a hallowed place honoring 58,282 names inscribed on its polished black granite surface. Those monikers honor the men and women lost in the War in Vietnam.

I recorded this wonderful song you are now hearing to honor those who fell in the war in what we GI's called 'The 'Nam'. I have been to The WALL in DC several times in my career. Here, in this picture, I am in front of "The Moving WALL" that is a mobile replica of the real WALL in DC.

The WALL was the best thing that ever happened to we Vietnam combat Veterans who now are down to about 800,000 from the nearly 3 million who served. Our numbers are narrowing dramatically due to the betrayal of our government and people to tend to the wounds we received in this 'police action'. It is projected that by 2020, there will be few Vietnam Veterans left alive.

So, this weekend on Veterans Day, I do hope you will remember the great sacrifice the Veterans of the War In Vietnam made for this nation, and the nation of Vietnam.

LT Bobby Ross

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B Troop, 2/17 CAV, 101st Airborne Division, RVN 1968-1969

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